Jon Gruden Email Leaks

By Adam Sarsfield

During an investigation of the Washington Football Team’s head coach, offensive and derogatory emails surfaced between the head coach and multiple other coaches and reporters. One of the main contributors to these emails was Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden, who used a wide variety of offensive slurs, insults, and comments towards many players and NFL employees alike. Some of Gruden’s most remarkable insults include him criticizing the way DeMaurice Smith looked by using hateful analogies. He was also found using homophobic language about Micheal Sam, a gay player choosen by the Las Angeles Rams and mysognistic rhetoric toward cheerleaders. The emails coming to light shows how two-faced celebrities can be. 

It gave what is described by Randy Moss, a six-time Pro Bowl selection former player, “a wake-up call to all of the hypocrisy in the NFL going on an ESPN broadcast to address his response and reaction to the Gruden emails. It was also very surprising to see Gruden use homophobic language while also having the first openly gay player under his leadership. Many players have different opinions than Moss with two of them being Charles Woodson and Derek Carr. Charles Woodson, a former player for Gruden, reacted by saying that Gruden has never been racist and has been one of the most predominant advocator for change in the NFL. Derek Carr, current quarterback for the Raiders, gave his full story of how he reacted to the news of Gruden’s resignation. He told ESPN that he was eating with his family when it happened and he walked over to Gruden’s house, who lives very close, and exchanged some words with his former head coach and his wife. Gruden was one of the best offensive play callers but has been reduced to a man who has lost all respect and will never be a part of the NFL again.