Capitol Rioters: Turkeys on the Loose

By Kendyl Brower

The pro-Trump, radical turkeys of the country ran loose on January 6 as they stormed the Capitol. Bowing down to their ringleader, former President Trump, the turkeys believed it was their patriotic duty to combat “voter fraud.”

Prior to the siege, rioters rallied on internet echo chambers such as “” and “” Yet the major motivating push came via tweet: “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild.” Trump’s vague, provoking message spread like wildfire among radicals; rioters from across the nation gathered for their leader’s call. 

Soon enough, the mayhem began. The insurrectionists destroyed barricades, mobbed officers, and scaled the walls of the Capitol. Armed with knives, guns, and pepper spray, the gritty attackers did not hesitate to stab, kick, and shoot their way into the building. 

Inside, rioters took selfies, smashed desks, snagged congressional member’s belongings, ripped furniture, and to top it all off, smeared feces along the hallway walls. 

Because of their barbaric, animal-like behavior, there is no debate that these insurrectionists are complete turkeys. Their anti-American attack on democracy withered the spirits of our nation. Furthermore, with Trump’s rhetoric denouncing the democratic process as well as his lukewarm condemnation of the mob, the former president also deserves the title, “Turkey of the Year.”