The Weeknd’s Surprising, Yet Awaited, New Release

By Heder Ambriz

The premiere of The Weeknd’s new single, “Moth To A Flame” surprises many as he recently canceled his tour due to space requirements, as he is looking to create bigger shows in stadiums. Listening to the track moment it premiered, it sure sounds like a future hit. It already hit the top 6 on Apple Music’s Top Hits list. Beautifully crafted, the rhythm and the melody go well together, and the lyrics are from another universe. The lyrics  truly hit hard –no surprise The Weeknd has released big hits recently. Let’s hope he continues to do this throughout his music career. Although the music video may be a little too sexual (nothing you can’t handle), it is understandable as the whole song basically states that another guy knows what is going on between us. “Moth To A Flame” is such a great song, 10 out of 10 recommend it to anyone who enjoys listening to great music. I mean any song is acceptable of course, but you know The Weeknd is astonishing (or mind-blowing).