Halloween Kills

Michael Myers Escapes The Fire In Halloween Kills Dolby Movie Poster

By Heder Ambriz

Horror? Comedy? Or maybe both! With the new movie, Halloween Kills added to the franchise, the movie is certainly a must-watch as it contains jump scares along with inventive comedy. Halloween Kills starts off with clips from the previous movie back in 2018, Halloween. Although Halloween Kills is a continuation of the previous movie, the entire film may get confusing throughout the movie as flashbacks continue to occur  in the movie which makes viewers lose track of the time period. To add, I enjoyed how realistic the fake blood has become because I’ve watched Michael Myer movies from the late 1900s and the fake blood just ruins the film and making the fake blood seem more realistic just adds a bit more terror within you. Overall, the movie was a fine addition to the franchise of Michael Myers and his Halloween killings.