By Anjali Nayak

Nothing brings out the worst in me more than a Kahoot. One second I am a friendly and amiable classmate, willing to help my peers out whenever necessary. But the second that the six letter word comes out of my teacher’s mouth, it is no longer just a game we are playing in class. 

It is a life or death situation.

My competitive nature sticks out like a sore thumb. I race to my computer, speed reading my four choices while the iconic Kahoot music blasts in the background. Afterwards, I wait for the rest of my classmates to answer while an internal dialogue plays through my mind. Losers. They are way too late. You’ve got to be quick, otherwise you won’t get on the podium. This is going to be an easy win.

Suddenly, the sound of the gong shakes my body to the core. Now is the time, let’s see where I placed. Expecting points and immediate praise, I am particularly shaken when I am instead met with a dark red screen. But answering quickly gave me a substantial amount of points and I am at 5th place. Almost instinctively, I let out an exasperated sigh. Who are the four people that I must defeat? I patiently impatiently wait for my teacher to click to the leaderboard. It’s time to see who my competition is. Who is that I have to take down? Have I finally met my match? 

My teacher switches to the purple screen. My eyes dart through the list. At the very top of the list is John. How? He hardly listens in class and asks me for all of the answers. Behind me, I hear him high fiving his friends and cheering. Disgusting. 

It is time to take what is mine. I prepare myself and get ready for the next question.