The Cure

By Madeleine Stiffler

Making their appearance in England in 1978, Robert Smith, the front runner for the Cure, formed one of the greatest “new wave” rock bands. Producing multiple albums such as Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Three Imaginary Boys, and Seventeen Seconds. Despite the changing of band members throughout the group’s career, Robert Smith never failed to create masterpieces as lead vocalist. Exploring existentialism and dark imagery, the Cure has appealed to teenagers for decades and continues to do so. Their bass-heavy songs contribute to the deep emotion expressed through their lyrics, which every listener can find relatable.

Moving on from the period of dark and brooding tunes, Smith decided it was time to turn the page. Released in the eighties, the Cure put out “Just Like Heaven” on their album Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me which was just as expressive as their previous tracks, but more lighthearted and colorful. Nevertheless, the chapter of upbeat songs eventually came to a close as the band returned to their roots with Disintegration, their most atmospheric and powerful album to date. The expressive tracks “Lovesong” and “Pictures of You” represented a pinnacle of the Cure’s most emotional and haunting arrangements. Featuring Roger O’Donnell on the keys, his expertise created an even richer ambience on the album. The band was in heavy rotation on MTV which allowed them to showcase their compelling and collaborative visuals with former director, Tim Pope. 

Despite gaining immense popularity, the Cure never lost sight of ensuring substance in their music. Remaining undefined by their style, tune, lineup, and albums, the Cure have remained unapologetically and eccentrically genuine throughout their career. As a result of their genuineness, the group has gained millions of fans far and wide. Still making music, lead singer Robert Smith, guitarist Reeves Gabrels, drummer Jason Cooper, bassist Simon Gallup, and keyboard player Roger O’Donnell continue to push the musical envelope in their most current chapter with their first studio album in over a decade released in 2019.