By Nupur Kudapkar 

Record: 3-2

Score for Leigh vs Westmont: 48-21

Players on varsity: 45 

Team Captains: Quinn Hoang, Zayn El Khatib, Elijah Monroe, and Zach Taylor

Next home game: 15 October 2021

The Leigh vs Westmont game was at 7pm on Thursday September 23 and in the aftermath, we got some of our football warriors to comment on the game.   

Cj Yazalina says, “while i was blocking a lot of the game i did get to run a few routes, the whole game was super fun, blocking next to George and Henry makes it very easy to execute”

Chance Lavoie voiced, “as a team, it obviously was not our best showing. We all, myself included, have lots to improve upon. We do have a very strong base, and I know that with some cleaning up in practice, we will return to our winning ways”

Elijah Monroe mentioned, “Going into the game with injuries allowed me to step up into a new position at QB. Playing the defending league champs was gonna be hard and grueling battle. I feel as if our team went in slightly unprepared and we will fix throughout our season to bounce back and play to our highest level to achieve our goals of a CCS Championship. I feel as if I played a good game but can always improve and our team is very strong this year we just have to focus”

Losing the game was harsh however they are ready to bounce back and conquer the season.