You Won’t Survive After Watching this Show

By Julia Kemp

In Survivor, one of my favorite reality/game shows of all time, everyday people are sent to a deserted island where they succumb to perilous physical and emotional tasks. After a year-long gap without a new season of CBS’ hit show, producer Jeff Probst ensures that season 41, which was released on September 22, will be filled with surprise twists and new rules. For example, the castaways will stay on the island for just 26 days, rather than the usual 39. The cast of Survivor is also considerably smaller, with tribes of only five or six people each, rather than the usual… This means that the game will be faster and more intense, as castaways have less time to figure out strategies and create new alliances. While the game is considerably shorter than in previous seasons, there will be much more twists and advantages. One of the twists introduced in the first few minutes of the premiere is that each tribe will not automatically receive necessary survival tools like rice, machetes, or flints. 

After watching the first episode, I have to say that I am looking forward to the accelerated game-play and intensified physical pressures. If Jeff Probst follows up on his promises, this new season of Survivor will be one of the most exciting and interesting seasons.