This Will Definitely Come in Candy

By Cat Kemp and Julia Kemp

Halloween, often associated with ghostly monsters and beastly pumpkin heads, is actually just a time to indulge in amazing Halloween candy. Nothing beats the serendipity that occurs when the strangers on porches deliver a treat, rather than a trick. Because Halloween candy is inarguably the best part about the fall holiday, we are here to show you the candy that you MUST have this October 31st. 

  1. 100 grand- gooey, chocolatey, and crunchy, 100 grands are the most delicious, amazing, and delectable Halloween treats of ALL TIME!!!! Even Eliana Birnbaum, a short Junior at Westmont, describes 100 grands as the most amazing Halloween candy that has ever existed.
  2. Kit Kats- Kit Kats are the perfect chocolate candies that everyone likes. Think about it, when’s the last time that someone told you that they didn’t like Kit Kats? That’s right, they have never. Kit Kats are the perfect staple to rely on and enjoy.
  3. Reese’s peanut butter cups- We don’t care what anyone says, Reese’s peanut butter cups are the perfect sweet-and-salty candies. While greatly disputed, we believe that Reese’s peanut butter cups should be towards the top of every Halloween candy ranking.
  4. Twix- Junior Isabel Kikoshima describes Twix as the “perfect, delectable, carmel delight that everyone should enjoy on Halloween night”. We have to agree with Kikoshima; Twix are one of the best candies to eat.
  5. M&Ms- Seen in almost every pillowcase on Halloween night, these tiny little pebbles of chocolate joy melt in the mouths of every young lad in America. M&M’s always do their job; They never fail to satisfy the craving of a sweet chocolatey treat.
  6. Heath Bars- A very smart Junior at Westmont, Amelia Lipcsei, describes Heath Bars as “the perfect mix of toffee and chocolate in one”. While she is correct in saying that Heath Bars are delicious, we believe that Heath Bars are just not as good as some of the other candies on this list.
  7. Snickers- While Snickers provide an adequate treat that will suffice your chocolate cravings, however the peanut and caramel mixture does not leave a satisfying taste in your mouth.
  8. Starbursts- These squares of juicy sweetness leave our mouths wanting more. While most colors of Starbursts are simply amazing, this candy is lower on the list because of the red and orange Starburst. The red and orange Starburts just leave my mouth tasting like sugary cough syrup.
  9. Skittles- Skittles, while somewhat tasty, are just not as good as their counterpart, M&M’s. Also, all of these multicolored candies misleadingly taste the same. Taste the rainbow? More like taste the same-bow!

10. Sour Patch Kids- Sour Patch Kids are too sour. They taste like acid and leave my tastebuds to feel abused. Do not recommend it.