The Threat of North Korea 

By Cuinn Huber

While North Korea has been a threat since the dictatorship was founded just over a century ago their presence is growing more disturbing. Since the mid 1970s they have carried out dozens of missile tests with the goal of eventually attacking an enemy of theirs such as Japan. Their most recent missile test carried out on September 15, 2021 is one of the most recent examples of how dangerous they are for the rest of the world. According to the South Korean government they fired a missile that flew 497 miles in length and 37 miles in height. This would be far enough from Seoul and back twice. This is more than a rough reason to have alarm bells going off in South Korea since they have a deadly weapon that can easily fire off in this range. Other countries are not safe either. The City of Fukuoka Japan population 1.5 million is also within range of this missile as well as a United States Military Base. Luckily we have developed strong missile interception systems so should they try they will most likely fail. Nonetheless, vigilance is needed from international intelligence and military. If we allow North Korea to keep testing these weapons unchecked we may see some serious harm in the surrounding regions. A potential attack may also lead to another war which may include nuclear force. Nuclear disasters have already caused several places around the world to become inhabitable and this would risk the displacement of tens of millions essentially overnight. While this does sound scary it is very possible to avoid. There were also fears of us going to nuclear war with the Soviets which of course never took place. If we can learn anything from history, it is that we need to know our threats in order to properly deal with them.