Music for the Soul

By Alessandra Kelly 

Unfortunately, many individuals feel overwhelmed after returning home from the high energy of school, myself included. Most individuals tend to feel overstimulated after a long day of work, so to decompress, many will play music to calm their nerves. The playlist listed below will accomplish just that! Ranging from energetic rock to nostalgic sound, the playlist will cover a wide variety of music to engage all your high emotions. Therefore, hopefully the listener will feel cleansed and energized after listening to the wonderful music the playlist has to offer. Happy listening! 

  1. “PPP” – Beach House
  2. “Space Song” – Beach House
  3. “Majorette” – Beach House
  4. “Silver Soul” – Beach House
  5. “Fear” – Current Joys 
  6. “Blondie” – Current Joys 
  7. “New Flesh” – Current Joys 
  8. “Kids” – Current Joys 
  9. “Dreaming Gone Wrong” – Amara’s Eyes
  10. “Middy Titty” – Paulie Leparik 
  11. “Duvet” – bôa
  12. “striptease” – carwash 
  13. “Your Life Your Time” – Christian Leave
  14. “Structure” – Odd Sweetheart
  15. “Where’d All the Time Go?” – Dr. Dog
  16. “Dark Red” – Steve Lacy
  17. “Swing Lynn” – Harmless
  18. “Where Is My Mind?” – Pixies 
  19. “haunt me (x 3)” – Teen Suicide 
  20. “Meet Me At Our Spot” – THE ANXIETY, WILLOW, Tyler Cole
  21. “Inside Out” – Duster 
  22. “Dream, Ivory” – Dream, Ivory