Color is Cool!

By Sophia Christensen 

Color in fashion is extremely powerful! The color of the outfit you throw on at 7am in the morning for school evokes feelings. Depending on the color, shade, and brightness, your outfit can actually influence your mood. Colors also influence physiological reactions as certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure and increased metabolism. Cool! Since fashion presents an open plethora of colors, we commonly see the physiological reactions when it comes to colors of clothing. Understanding the powerful influence of certain colors can allow you to dress to your mood or what you want your mood to be throughout the day and night. 

  • Blue represents loyalty, peace, confidence, and success. It is a soothing color that makes people around you feel comfortable and calm. Maybe good for pajamas, heh?
  • Red indicates energetic, strong-willed, passionate, and outspoken. You enjoy living life to the fullest and indulge in a bit of risk-taking at times. Common prom color for a reason!
  • Yellow brings a happy, fun, and positive mood that has the power to lift everyone around you instantly. If you wear yellow often you are active, vivacious, and always laughing. 
  • Green indicates that you have a soft heart and are very caring. The color has a soothing and comforting effect on the people around you. Also, nature is cool! #APES
  • Black symbolizes power, elegance, luxury, and authority. It is flattering, classy, and versatile. Typical casino night. 
  • Purple is the color of royalty, sophistication, wealth, and luxury. It also indicates a type of personality that is creative, charming, insightful, has a love for the arts, and is my favorite color.
  • Pink denotes that you have a soft, comforting, and affectionate personality. You are someone who values kindness and comfort above everything else. Lover of pink, Senior Kendyl Brower can attest to this notion.
  • Orange says you are energetic, bubbly and one who is often the life of the party. The color orange is warmth, friendliness, new possibilities, and good times. Perfect for making new friends. #BackToSchoolFit
  • Brown is a steady, grounded shade. It is the color of the earth and nature (APES). It portrays that you are a dependable, smart, and rational person who avoids rushing into things and prefers sensibly doing things. Wear brown on test days!