A Team that Runs Together Shades Together

By Alex Gryciuk and Cuinn Huber 

Dashing through tough workouts and finish lines, the Westmont Cross Country team wears a secret weapon that leads them to victory. As a quite fashionable group (as seen above), Cross Country has developed a unique style with Goodr glasses. What started as one or two people wearing the colorful shades, transitioned to a full on tradition. Now, most of the team wears Goodr shades every single day to practice. In fact, Senior Dean Dalziel remarks “Many people on the team have [Goodr Glasses] so, they have a cool community aspect.” Although it’s never advertised, Goodr glasses have become a Westmont Cross Country hallmark to having a great season. Racing quickly at Lowell Park, Montgomery Hill and Crystal Springs, the team often wears them because “the future so bright, we gotta wear shades” according to Senior Cuinn Huber

So, what exactly makes these sunglasses so amazing? According to their website, Goodr creates glasses with polarized lenses that do not slip or bounce. Customers who rated the glasses 4.5 stars include that for only $25, the shades include anti-fog lenses, colorful designs, and durability. Adding to positive reviews, Freshman Sara Chadouin adds that “[Goodr glasses] don’t fall off my face when I run and I like all the colors.” Junior Ojas Joshi perfectly sums up why the team loves Goodr glasses so much. He states, “they are goodr than other sunglasses out there.” Overall, Goodr glasses provide the team with a perfect way to show off their style in a cool, comfortable way. 

Adding to their versatility, the unique shades are not just  for athletic use!  In fact, they can be worn anywhere! Along with classic shapes, the website includes Circle GS’s, MACH GS’s, and Runways; making Goodr glasses fashionable in all situations. If you decide  to join the fashionable movement, purchase a pair of these yourself! Goodr glasses are available on goodr.com or at Running Revolution in Downtown Campbell for $25. For Goodr glasses! Afterall, a team that runs together, shades together!