Fear Street

By Barry Hirshfeld

Whether you are a fan of horror movies, or despise the genre as a whole and solely watch it with friends, like me, Fear Street I, II, and III are a must-watch. This trilogy of horror movies depicts the curse of Sarah Fier, a witch who supposedly brought the devil to her village through her licentious sinning, and plagued her town. This series of three gore-packed and thrilling films contrasts from other movies in the horror genre by containing a  reverse chronological storyline, which formulates the story’s plot like a spider fabricating its web.

Beginning with Fear Street I in 1994, traveling to 1978 in the second movie, and finally illustrating the origins of the curse in 1666 in the trilogy’s finale, the Netflix Originals ceaselessly entertain many. The movies’ reverse chronological order allows viewers to experience a plethora of differing societies and settings: ranging from modern malls, old-timey summer camps, and medieval village settlements. The movie’s use of stagnant characters to display generational similarities forces many to believe the plot and character’s actions are predictable, until the very end…

If you are looking for something more than an entertaining horror film to watch in the nearing Halloween season––an action-packed, plot filled curse mystery trilogy, I suggest you get some popcorn, and find a comfortable seat to binge watch Fear Street I, II, and III.