Final is Here

FINAL (Vol.1) - Album by Enrique Iglesias | Spotify

By Heder Ambriz

The famous 46-year-old Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias, surprises us with a new album release, as his previous album was released in 2014. Since years have passed since his last released album,  excitement  swells for his new album, however, the  news brings a little bit of sadness as the album will be his last. His new album is called “Final,” and it’s a dead give away hinting toward his final album. The album release will be in two parts, with a volume one and a volume two. Hopefully volume two remains more promising and optimistic because volume one seems to sound only depressing and tired of life. Nonetheless, I keep listening to a particular song on repeat and that is, “Unwell.” Even though the song repeats how the singer needs her and can’t live without a particular girl, the beat is really good and goes well with the lyrics. However, what I did notice was that in his new album, he included songs he created years ago, and the implementation allows his last album to pay tribute to his past work. All in all, all the songs included in volume one go with the same theme as a whole, and words can’t really describe it, so you simply have to listen for yourself.