Mouthwatering Mushrooms

By Alex Gryciuk & Avalon Kelly

On our recent trip to the Saratoga Farmers Market, we discovered a produce stand selling a wide variety of fresh, delicious mushrooms. Upon gazing at the mushrooms, we suddenly had the strong urge to create a special dish with them. We bought two bags of fresh mushrooms and got straight to work, creating a perfect mushroom saute to satisfy our newfound craving. After feverishly experimenting in the kitchen, we finished cooking our gourmet concoction, and served it alongside goat cheese-arugula ravioli. We experimented with spices, so our measurements are rough estimates of what we used. Our recipe was too delicious to not share. If you make this recipe (wink, wink, you should), make sure to snap a picture, and tag @whstheshield on Instagram! 


Handful Maitake Frondosa Mushrooms

Handful Brown Clamshell Mushrooms

1 clove of Garlic; minced 

1 tablespoon of Oregano 

2-3 teaspoons of Garlic Powder

2 teaspoons of Salt

2 teaspoons of Pepper


  1. Rinse mushrooms in water.
  2. Dry mushrooms with a paper towel.
  3. Chop up mushrooms into half slices. 
  4. Heat up the olive oil in a pan. Add spices, then saute the spices and garlic together until the garlic is just browned. The oil should have a mouthwatering, flavourful scent. 
  5. Toss in mushrooms, stir to evenly cover.
  6. (Optional, but highly recommended): As the mushrooms cook, add extra spices for extra flavor.
  7. Let simmer over medium heat until mushrooms are fully cooked.  
  8. Remove from heat.  Extra oil can be served as a pasta “sauce”.
  9. Take a picture with your culinary masterpiece, and send it to @whstheshield on Instagram!