Once Upon a Homecoming

By Lindsay Der, Sophia Christensen, & Emma Kidger

As Westmont’s annual Homecoming week approaches quickly, students at Westmont continue to adjust back to in-person school as a majority of students have not been on campus for almost a year and a half! After opening the school year with a bang, ASB hopes to carry the energy and spirit from Westmont’s Week of Welcome throughout the rest of the school year. With over half the school having never witnessed a “normal” Homecoming week, ASB feels excited to bring the tradition back to campus. ASB secretary and senior Diana Brodskiy raves, “I’m hype to bring school spirit back to Westmont!” The week, despite being rife with class competition, brings a sense of community to the school, united by a sense of warrior pride. With activities like lip sync and powerpuff filling the schedule, Homecoming is always a week to remember! This year’s overarching Homecoming theme, voted upon by the entire school, is Fairy Tales. Junior Nadia Zaya advises underclassmen to get involved as “it expands connections and gives you amazing memories.” See y’all there! 

For those not in the know, explanations, dates and how to get involved for each Homecoming event can be found below. Additionally, the Westmont instagram page continuously posts updates and recaps. Note: due to restrictions placed upon the school by state and district mandates, some events have been modified, so we urge even students who have been at Westmont for a Homecoming to read the information below. 

Mark your calendar with Homecoming aka Hoco Dates!!

  • Hoco week: October 11-16
  • Class themes:
  • Freshman- Rapunzel
  • Sophomores- Cinderella 
  • Juniors- The Little Mermaid 
  • Seniors- Peter Pan
  • Dress up days 

(The more people dress up in your class, the more points your class gets towards the wally cup!)

  • Monday: Sleeping Beauty (PJ day)
  • Tuesday: 3 Little Pigs 
    • (Farmer/country: wear plaid shirts, cowboy hats, etc. )
  • Wednesday: Class Color Day/Rally 
    • (Wear your class shirts and/or class colors! Don’t have one? Buy one at the student store!)
      • Freshman: grey
      • Sophomores: red
      • Juniors: white
      • Seniors : black
  • Thursday: Never Grow Up 
    • (Younger self/#tbt: wear clothes from your younger years)
  • Friday: Westmont Gear 
    • (Wear westmont shirts, sweatshirts,  red and black tutus, etc.) 
  • Power puff: Talk to your class officers to sign up!
  • Freshman vs. Sophomore: October 8 (Friday before Hoco week)
  • Junior vs. Senior: October 11 (Monday of Homecoming week)
  • In power puff or a sideline cheerleader? Must sign waivers (coming soon)!
  • Lip-Sync: Talk to your class officers to sign up!
    • Freshman / Sophomore perform on Tuesday at lunch in the quad (October 12)
    • Junior / Senior perform on Wednesday at lunch in the quad (October 13)
  • Hoco night time rally: Wednesday, October 13 in the quad
  • Hoco Court/Royals
    • Nominee voting due by September 13th (Seniors! you will be given the link by your English teacher)
    • After 16 super seniors are nominated to be a part of Homecoming court, the ASB Homecoming committee, alongside a prestigious panel, will interview each nominee and select 9 from the 16 chosen seniors. The 9 selected to be our very own Homecoming court will partake in many activities like the renowned court lipsync and photoshoot. After this, the entire student body will vote for 3 members of the Homecoming court to be our 2021-2022 Homecoming royals! Royals will be revealed at our night time rally on October 13 and will make their debut, alongside the rest of the court, during halftime of the Homecoming football game on Friday (October 15). 
  • Hoco football game: Friday, October 15 vs. Willow Glen High School
  • Hoco dance: October 16 in the bowl from 7-10 p.m. 

Like Homecoming, Pink week is also right around the corner! During the first week of October, there will be many lunchtime activities to recognize and give back to cancer patients. This year’s ASB chair of Pink Week, junior Chantel Tran, explains how “pink week is such an important week at Westmont because it’s a time where we highlight the importance of awareness for not only breast cancer but other cancers as well.” Below is more information on how you can get your very own pink week shirts plus the fabulous activities you can partake in during lunch. 

Pink week (October 6 & October 7) 

  • Buy shirts! (if you bought the black package at the beginning of the school year you already bought one if not, head to the student store to purchase one)
  • Lunch activities (in the quad):
    • Wednesday, October 6: Card making for cancer patients 
    • Thursday, October 7: Hair Cutting 
      • (to donate go to the Activities Office for a form and to see if you’re eligible)
    • Friday October, 8: Pink week football game!

Events calendar (October 4-16)

Mon- Oct 4NO SCHOOlTues- Oct 5NO SCHOOLWed- Oct 6Pink week: Card making at lunchThurs- Oct 7Pink week: Hair cutting at lunchFri- Oct 8Freshmen v. Sophomore Powerpuff——–Pink week Football game Oct 9N/A 
Mon- Oct 11Dress up: Sleeping Beauty (pjs)
–Junior v. Senior Powerpuff
Tues- Oct 12Dress up:3 Little Pigs (farmer/country)
–Frosh & Soph Lip Sync 
Wed- Oct 13Dress up:Class Color day
–Junior & Senior Lip Sync 
—Rally in quad
Thurs-Oct 14Dress up:Never grow up (#tbt/dress as younger self)
Fri- Oct 15Dress up:WHS gear
–Football game vs. Willow Glen 
Sat- Oct 16Hoco Dance from 7-10 in the bowl