Phoebe Bridgers

By Avalon Kelly
“Can the killer in me tame the fire in you?” sings the talented Phoebe Bridgers in her hit song “Killer.”  Bridgers first found fame in her debut single, “Killer,” in 2015, and has since grown in her talent, and with it, her indie-pop fanbase.  Her first album Stranger in the Alps features the tragic alt-country song “Motion Sickness,” which Bridgers wrote about her abusive ex-boyfriend.  Bridgers’ lyrics paint pictures of haunting moments and thoughts, utilizing a style of elegant folk pop that is unique to her songs.

Since the release of Stranger in the Alps, Bridgers has participated in numerous collaborations with other notable artists from the indie-rock genre; this includes collaborations with Lord Huron on “The Night We Met” and The 1975 on “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America.”  In 2018, Bridgers formed the indie rock supergroup boygenius, along with fellow female stars Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus; the trio produced a single self-titled EP album together.

Bridgers released her second album, Punisher, in 2020.  This album puts her diversity as an artist on display, featuring a range of indie pop and alt-folk.  Her talent in turning simple memories and feelings into beautiful, dark melodies and lyrics shines through especially in “Kyoto.”  Bridgers explains that the song is about experiencing imposter syndrome while performing in Japan: “I wanted to see the world,” she sings, “then I flew over the ocean and I changed my mind.”  Bridgers’ lyrics display intense emotion and deeply personal issues, making her songs more relatable and appealing to her listeners.

10 songs by Bridgers that capture her unique talent as an artist: