The Weeknd’s New Path

By Heder Ambriz 

With the end of the “After Hours” album, The Weeknd is taking a different approach with his new single, “Take My Breath”. This song has been out for roughly 12 days, and it has already been a great hit, with nearly 29 million views on youtube and a spot on the top hits of Apple Music. There are many unknowns with his upcoming album, but it will for sure be a hit, as seen with his previous songs, “Blinding Lights”, and “In Your Eyes”. His upcoming album has been teased throughout his social media with the first teaser being a post on Instagram indicating that the dawn was here. 

 The “After Hours” album includes 14 songs with 56 incredible minutes of The Weeknd. Many of the songs included in this album were a hit, “Blinding Lights” being the main hit and allowing The Weeknd to get many awards. Later, The Weeknd was invited to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, and it only allowed him to gain more fame. But it was incredible how in the halftime show he integrated one of his songs he created when he was homeless, and it seamlessly felt natural for the vibe he created throughout the show.