Bungo Stray Dogs

By Adam Sarsfield

Bungo Stray Dogs is a Mystery, Action Fiction, Occult Fiction anime series that spans over three seasons and one movie. The Series has a wide cast of characters and is quite a thriller.

Atsushi Nakajima is trying to survive while being homeless when he comes across a body floating down a river. He dives in to save the body and finds that person isn’t dead but in fact alive and very much well. This person is named Osamu Dazai and he claims he was trying to drown himself but was unfortunately rescued by Atsushi. After a couple of moments Dazai’s partner, Kunikada Knuikada, yells at Dazai for jumping off a bridge without any warning. Atsushi is then offered a meal for all the trouble Dazai caused and he gratefully accepts it. Kunikada explains that they are looking for an escaped tiger that has been travelling from city to city and causing panic. Atsushi reluctantly tells the duo detectives that he encountered the tiger multiple times and that it may be hunting him for some reason. Kunikada gives this a moment of thought but passes it as a wild idea of paranoia. Dazai however wants to use Atsushi as bait to capture the dubbed Weretiger,, and secretly goes through with his plan without Kunikada’s input or permission. After some dialogue, Dazai reveals that Atsushi is in fact the Weretiger and his accusation is backed up when the full moon appears