By Isabella Brady

Located in San Jose, the Bay Area Glass Institute is home to many opportunities for novice and advanced glassblowers. With the ability to rent facilities, or take a class, the studio is perfect for learning a new hobby, or hosting a social event with friends. From glassblowing, to coldworking, there are a myriad of ways for students and families to participate, and bring home a special work of art. While some activities such as glassblowing handle glass at 2,400ºF, in others one can explore the art of scientifically (and satisfyingly) breaking colored glass to create their own masterpieces. 

The non-profit organization truly cares about their art, and provides a creative outlet for anyone interested in art using the medium of glass. Funded purely by donations and services, it has an array of volunteering positions for high school students and adults alike. However, in order to preserve this unique jewel of the silicon valley, I encourage everyone to try it. Although it may appear nerve racking to create something out of glass, it may quickly become a newfound passion! With volunteers who are truly kind, knowledgeable and available to help on any project, limitless inspiration, and amazing products one can make, I guarantee anyone who tries will be proud of what they create.