Short But Sweet

By Cassie Kim

Short, but sweet—my four years of high school passed by in a blur, but despite the brevity of my time at Westmont, I have made so many memories with my friends and family. While our Senior year didn’t go according to plan, I still have so much to be grateful for. Thank you to all of my teachers—I’m sure that teaching hasn’t gotten any easier this year, but I am so grateful for the time and care you all put into teaching. It has made a world of difference to my education and to my high school experience. Thank you to my mom and brother Blake! You have both kept me sane through all of the all-nighters and challenging days. Logging in to the first Journalism Zoom, I wondered how our newspaper would ever survive being online. Despite my uncertainty, we adjusted. As much as I will miss the physical newspaper (and its usefulness in the art department) I am so proud of how our class has acclimated to the online format. When I walk into room 58 for the last time this week, I can rest assured that our newspaper will be just fine this year and for many years to come. Coffee runs with friends on collab days, 14 hour school days with ASB, and study halls spent in Andy Evan’s freezing classroom are sweet memories that I will hold on to, even if my high school career ended sooner than I thought it would. I remember wondering what it would be like to be a Senior—I thought I would be a completely different person or would have changed in some dramatic way. Now that I am, I can’t tell if everything’s the same or if I have changed. I think that in a way, it might be a little bit of both. Regardless, I have learned enough about time to warn you to enjoy it; it’s short, but sweet.