Season 1… *7 of The Flash

By Barry Hirshfeld

As season 7 of the CW show, The Flash, progresses, it is evident that its viewers have entered another season of wasted anticipation. The Flash’s repetitive and thus predictable storyline causes its viewers to reside in a cycle of lost hope for new  exciting seasons and storylines, met by the bingwatching of a mediocre yet nostalgic show.

Every season of The Flash strictly follows a series of events creating a repetitive storyline which recurs throughout each season:

  • Team Flash always encounters a new shady character at the beginning of the season; this character always provides different kinds of aid to the team – mostly crucial information, which causes the team to trust them
  • This character  will be suspected by individual members of the team, until they are later depicted as the evil mastermind, or the season-enduring villain which they constantly combat
  • Throughout the season, the team will battle them and attempt to halt their villainous aspirations
  • Near the end of the season, the villain will seemingly win, putting the life of Iris or another member of Team Flash’s life in their hands
  • Although at the end, Team Flash always wins… and reconcile as they describe the endless trauma they have encountered throughout the season, just to find another villain as the next season begins

The Flash remains a classic CW show that many watch, just to watch… its viewers feel the need to stay and suffer through all of the repetition that the show entails because they yearn to finish it… if you are looking for a quality superhero show, I recommend the objectively superior: The Arrow.