Who’s That Girl?

By Elizabeth Flatley

Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel, leads in the American sitcom New Girl, created by Elizabeth Meriweather. Meriweather constructed the series around Jess, who in her words would’ve been a side character in any other show. This series, starring an unconventional quirky teacher, revolves around her adventures with her roommates Nick, Winston, Coach, Schmidt, and later, Cece. This friend group, although rough at start, has  gone through so many exciting and hilarious experiences together as the show advances. As the series progresses we watch Jess’ friends mess around while they go through relationship problems, career choices, and their thirties. We get to see this fun bunch grow up together and even raise families throughout the seven years of the show. As we follow the diverse characters’ interactions, the show begins to gain a mass following not only on Fox, its parent platform, but also on Netflix. In 2011, New Girl’s pilot episode gained over 10.8 million views and was named one of the most entertaining comedies of 2011. On Netflix as well, we see this daring, capturing, amusing, and comical show, New Girl, quickly becoming one of the most popular situational comedies.