How the Media Portrays Joe Biden

By Elizabeth Flatley

President Joe Biden has been penalized by the right-wing media for some time. Both Former President Trump and current President Biden have had a hard time with the pandemic and dealing with its effects. It seems as if Fox News always has something to criticize pertaining to  President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden. Scourging for things to condemn, Fox News, a Republican favorite, ridicules every move and every breath President Biden takes. 

Around one percent of adults or 3 million citizens in the United States stutter. President Joe Biden does not hide the fact that he possesses and lives with a stutter; he has lived with one from birth. It has proven quite apparent with President Biden’s previous and current speeches that he, from time to time, struggles with fumbling his words. Biden talks about it and hopes to remove the stigma that people who struggle and have a hard time speaking up are not inferior, less intelligent, or less than because of it.  While the cause of stuttering is unknown, scientists believe stuttering to be hereditary. A common misconception about people with stuttering is that it is anxiety or psychologically related which is just simply not true. Fox News adores mocking President Biden because of this. Sean Hannity, a Fox News commentator, picks on President Biden stating, “… Joe Biden went to Philadelphia, not too far from home, did not want to push him too much, once again struggled mightily.” Joe Biden is a figure and a huge help to younger kids who stutter and adults as well by helping to get rid of that stigma that people who stutter can not work with jobs that require speaking, are less intelligent, and that people who stutter are “just anxious.”

It seems now, President Biden and Dr. Biden can not catch a break from the right-wing media’s interpretation of their relationship. President Biden and Dr Biden are trying their best to spread happiness and light as seen when they decorated the white house lawn with hearts for Valentine’s Day. Dr Jill claims that the cardboard hearts could spread a joy as it was a nice and thoughtful act of positivity. Fox News Anchor Laura Ingraham says on the matter, “.. a little joy from cardboard cutouts? What is- looks like those were made in about five minutes…” Along with this act of disregard for a thoughtful gesture, Laura Ingrahm mock Joe for several minutes concerning the dandelion he picked for Dr Jill. Raymond Arroyo stated that this “weed” could have been planted there by his team in order to make president Biden look good; he stated, “Joe Biden today getting on the Marine 1, he stopped, picked up- I think it’s a dandelion but it hasn’t even blossomed into a flower yet, like- gives everyone asthma.. Well he picks up the weed, and gives it to Jill as I guess is what’s supposed to be a sweet gesture…”

The constant remarks of annoyance and irritation from the right-wing media is exasperating and quite irksome at this point. It seems President Biden just cannot do anything right.