The Valiant Verma

Name: Gargi Verma

Subjects: Chemistry / AP Chemistry

Years at Westmont:  8 Years

Birthplace: India

High School: From Delhi, India

College: Delhi University, India (B.S Chemistry) and Western Governors University (Teaching Credential)

What makes Westmont great? Students and colleagues who make me feel like a family.

What do you enjoy about teaching? Interacting with students and helping students to have a positive attitude towards learning. 

Describe the perfect meal: Sweet, sour, spicy vegetarian with thai chillies-and-spice fried potatoes.

What are your favorite artists? Indian classical singers and all classical pianists.

What is your favorite unit/concept/standard that you teach and why?

 Quantum Chemistry -Electrons: Because it connects imagination, assumptions, and math to talk about the position of electrons that are smaller than atoms; it cannot be seen in reality but the properties of all matter depend upon this tiny thing. 

Why did you decide to teach chemistry for students? I teach chemistry because I have loved this subject since high school. My high school teacher, Mr. Sharma, and my maternal uncle who is a professor, Dr. K.S. Verma, induced the love for chemistry in me. Also, we can see, talk, and feel chemistry everywhere in this world such as food, clothes, shelter, energy, air quality, soil, water quality, and water’s unique properties.

What is your favorite piece of life advice? This time will never come back. So use this time with ethics, kindness, positivity, education, and fun.