The Best Books of All Time

By Amelia Lipcsei

With the stupendous amount of free time that quarantine provided me, I began to fall back into my love of reading. Over the past year, I have read over 100 new books, each one better than the last. However, only a few of these books truly resonated with me. Thus, for all of my literature lovers, I created a list of the top three books that I discovered during quarantine. 

The Daughter of the Pirate King series takes third place on my list. An enemies to lovers story, Tricia Levenseller, the author of the books, does an excellent job creating dynamic characters that continue to leave readers on edge throughout the entire series. Filled with immense plot twists, hidden intentions, and a dramatic story line, the two-book series creates tremendous suspense. Likewise, Levenseller’s ability to incorporate love into an action-packed read provides a pleasant mix of happiness with sorrow. I can guarantee that once you finish both books, you’ll want to start rereading them right away. 

The Dark Artifices series takes second place. Written by my favorite author of all time, the series has one of the most unique plots that I have ever read. Unlike other stories, these three books include moral and physical dilemmas, completely unexpected plot twists, and relatable characters. Once you pick up the first book, you won’t be able to stop reading. However, I recommend that you read The Immortal Instruments before you begin The Dark Artifices,as many characters from the original series are included in this spin-off version. 

Lastly, my favorite book series off all time, The Immortal Instruments, takes first place on my list. I have reread the six books in this series an absurd amount of times, yet I never get sick of the magnificent way that Cassandra Clare, the author, portrays each character. The dynamic between good, bad, and truly evil finds a way to weave itself throughout the series, causing readers to question what the difference between morally right and morally wrong truly is. The drama and action in the series adds depth to the fantasy side of the story. Likewise, the way that each character develops throughout each book allows the plot to flow seamlessly. I promise that reading this book will genuinely change your life.