Godzilla vs King Kong

The instant classic, Godzilla vs. Kong, follows the protagonist King Kong in his journey to find his true home Against the obstacles of Godzilla and other unexpected creatures alike, he fights for the title of the true “Alpha Titan”. Surprisingly, this movie was pretty good. Either it was the fact that I hadn’t experienced a movie in theaters for over a year or the movie was genuinely good, I nonetheless enjoyed Godzilla vs. Kong. As expected, similar to every science fiction action monster movie, the writing was terrible, or otherwise, cringey. However, the highlights of the movie, the massive fights, were very entertaining. With a budget of $160 million, I am glad they at least carried that out accordingly. I think the producers accepted the fact that the idea of the movie was cheesy anyway, so they went all out in that aspect for a more purely entertaining approach. The characters in actor Millie Bobby Brown’s group along with their dialogue were laughably tacky.  If the writers were serious, I’d be seriously disappointed, but again, when taking it as a joke it was rather amusing. 7/10.