Peep And The Big Wide World

By Cassie Kim

Peep, Chirp, and Quack might be noises that birds make, but they are also the names of some of my favorite childhood cartoon characters from the TV show: Peep And The Big Wide World! These three round and aptly named birds adventure through their neighborhood, learning about the outdoors, science, and the things around them. Quack, the blue duck sporting a paper hat, conveys valuable messages to the audience, even if it isn’t the advice he intends to share. The omniscient narrator frequently chimes in, quite frankly adding to the production value of this incredible show. The simplistic show, enhanced by the catchy theme song, features real children conducting science experiments at the end of each story. Chock full of memorable storylines, heartfelt advice, adorable animations, and friendly animals, Peep And The Big Wide World never disappoints. Here’s some duck wisdom; give Peep And The Big Wide World a try! It is a duck’s world after all!