Giant’s Season

Elizabeth Flatley

As the upcoming season gets closer and closer, many people are already beginning to make predictions about the top teams for the coming season. Although Giants fans have witnessed four long losing seasons, 2021 looks promising due to San Francisco’s line of prospects. Mariano Luciano, shortstop, created some buzz as he ranked 16th in the MLB’s top 100 baseball prospects. Now even in the early spring during training, it is hard to spot out some of the younger recruits to see who stands out. The Giants have been secretive about the forthcoming season. The Cactus league games are filled with athletes both veterans and newbies who need to work on one or two adjustments and dealing with a small section of people. Although there is very little knowledge about lineups and who’s struggling, it is said that a few popular players within the Giants community may sit out due to injury. First baseman Brandon Belt may not participate for the first few games due to a withstanding injury leaving his position in the lineup up for grabs. Many positions have competition like third base. Placed near the home dugout, Evan Longoria the resident third base player will have opposition within keeping his place to stay in the lineup. Manager Gabe Kapler noticed many players improving their performance at their positions and proving promise in the box as well. He has repeated that it is too early to make pronouncements but has stated that players Wilmer Flores (2nd base) and Donovan Solano (SS) were constantly contributing to the team and proved their solidity in the game. Kapler stated that he is very excited to see the new season playout and has been pleased with the promise that many of the new additions to the team will bring the Giants to a championship.