Tiger Woods Rollover Accident

By Nick Murray

On February 23, 2021 renowned golfer Tiger Woods crashed his car in LA County. The golfer suffered multiple leg injuries and required removal from the vehicle by officers on the scene. The area where the crash took place has a history of accidents in and around the area. 

In addition to the difficult driving location, the golfing legend has a history of vehicle accidents. In 2017 a Florida police officer saw Woods asleep in his Mercedes. Later reports showed Tiger Woods had multiple drugs in his system at the time of the incident. Likewise, in 2009 Tiger lost control of his SUV near his mansion in Florida. The accident required his then wife to use a gold club to smash the window and remove him from the vehicle. 

Despite such struggles, current reports indicate Tiger Woods had a clear system at the time of the accident. Once he arrived at the hospital doctors concluded that he had suffered multiple fractures to his right leg as well as lesser wounds to his left. The fracture required a rod to be placed in the leg in order to stabilize the two affected bones. Following the surgery to repair Wood’s injuries, a spokesperson announced Tiger Woods is now in good condition and recovering in the hospital. 

LA county investigators are currently looking into the accident. While there no information indicated the golfer was impaired, information does point to Woods having well exceeded the speed limit. Sharrif Villanueva of LA County explained that speeding in the area is common with some cars reaching 80 miles per hour on the 45 mile per hour road. While investigators continue their search current information does not point to any charges being pressed. 

While it will be incredibly difficult and require an overwhelming amount of rehabilitation Tiger Woods is determined to return to golf. Chances of him playing in the upcoming Masters Tournament are almost nonexistent but he plans to make a return. Questions remain unanswered about the extent to which he will be able to recover and if he will ever be able to play at his former level again but only time will tell.