A Dive into Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush

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By Sophia Christensen

A special podcast on Spotify was recently released, hosted by Linda Marigliano, featuring Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, sharing rare insight into his creative process on his recent album, The Slow Rush. It has been one year since Tame Impala released their multi-award winning album, The Slow Rush, which received billions of streams globally and came in as the highest charted album in the US and UK. Within the podcast, Kevin Parker dissects his creative thinking process as a producer, artist, and songwriter as he pieces each track together. Here I present a dive into The Slow Rush: A Deep Dive with Kevin Parker.

In the podcast, Kevin Parker addresses his insight to contemporary music and love for patchwork of sounds. The songs, such as One More Year, demonstrate his passion for different sounds and instruments playing their part and then coming together to make something extraordinary. Parker’s unique imagination allows him to follow his dreams of piecing together all possibilities of sounds and making special music. In the podcast episode, Kevin Parker explains how he feels the happiest when he begins brainstorming a new song. When piecing together new music, he feels like he evolves every step of the way, coming up with new and innovative ways to construct his music.Every step he takes with music, especially producing music, makes him feel accomplished and confident. 

The Slow Rush was the first album Parker released since Currents, 5 years ago. In the podcast, he explains it took a long time  to release this album because he got wrapped in the expectations, pressure, and control from other people such as his record label, fans, and co-workers. He released this album as a way to find his own bliss and satisfaction, and in order to “flush” it out of his system. Parker wanted to stop caring about what other people might think, in order to focus on music that he personally enjoys and to do everything that seemed weird before. Parker strongly believes it’s most fun when he’s working on his own, creating a strong sense of self-expression within his music. He continuously explains that if his music makes him feel a certain way, he should never overthink it, and continue to break barriers and be evocative. 

Parker’s outstanding work as a producer, artist, and lyricist has allowed him to include mission statements within every song,embracing and conveying his true persona. I strongly recommend you tune in to The Slow Rush: A Deep Dive with Kevin Parker, which is now available on Spotify, in order to better understand Parker’s deep reasoning behind the music he constructs. 

The Slow Rush: A Deep Dive with Kevin Parker:

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