Shamrock Shake

By Ricky Thompson

“Tis the season” has never been more apparent in the year than now. “But Christmas [and any other holidays celebrated in December] is already over,” you say? Well, the Shamrock Shake is a far better gift than any rags received during the “Holiday Season.” Bursting with minty goodness, premium vanilla ice cream, and a generous dollop of whipped cream, the Shamrock Shake grants a sensation like no other. With many shakes across the globe, you may find yourself thinking they are too thick or in some cases, not firm enough at all, well this common problem has been eradicated with the Shammy Shake. Not only does McDonald’s offer superb taste but also the perfect texture. Ronald’s cutting-edge technology, a straw ever so slightly wider than your average straw, enhances the Shamrock Shake from one world of milkshakes into one of its own; the bigger the sip, the better. The treasure waiting at the end of a rainbow isn’t some pot of inedible gold coins; instead, you’ll find the greatest invention of all Leprechaun-kind, the Shamrock Shake. At the end rainbow that is the McDonald’s drive-thru claim you too can discover this prize.