Season’s Greetings

By Makenna Adams

A year ago, spring blossomed. and green blanketed the mighty hills on either side of Silicon Valley. Birds woke me up daily, with soft calls as they heralded the coming of spring. Yet I focused all my attention solely on the sudden changes to my lifestyle, as I and everyone else went into the first quarantine of the pandemic. Winter had said goodbye, like it does every year, and spring was waiting just around the corner. Reflecting on my experience in the pandemic that began exactly one year ago, I’m baffled that I thought so little of the change in seasons. 

I have always relished the outdoors. Certainly, seasonal changes have always impressed and intrigued me; I enjoy exploring outside and the unique activities each season offers. As do most others, I’m sure—who doesn’t love vacationing in the summer, cozying up in the winter, feasting in the fall, and getting a fresh start in spring? Yet I used to take the turn of seasons for granted, and only in quarantine have I learned to appreciate the undeniably spectacular, natural phenomenon.