Mickey’s Chickie

By Ricky Thompson

A new challenger has entered the arena to win the title of the best fast-food chicken sandwich. Before I give you the results of such a daunting challenge, I offer the pros of the mighty McDonald’s new chicken sandwich. Packaged in a sleek bag with silver layered insides to maintain heat, the new chicken sandwich offers robust flavor. The juiciness of the chicken patty is not to be underestimated; a firm squeeze of the sandwich will have the patty dripping along with the watering mouth of the lucky person eating it. The bun, so easily construed in fast food sandwiches, was done well– nice and fluffy– however, nothing to write home about. McDonald’s pickles, I hate to say, are lackluster, yet among fast-food pickles, not the worst. I did quite enjoy the spicy sauce, it was creamy and tangy; it was powerful without overbearing all the taste buds in my mouth. The size of McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich was not too great and was not nearly the most filling item one could find in the jungle that is American fast food. Overall, 6.5/10.