Muse News

By Makenna Adams

Senior Joana Iniguez Junior Ryan Chadoin Sophomore Angelie Weiss Freshman Matthew Schoos

Can you name a song title that includes a color? (Many good choices.)

Senior Joana Iniguez: “Blue Dream” by Jhene Aiko

Junior Ryan Chadoin: “Blue Otani” by Herbie Hancock

Sophomore Angelie Weiss: “Beige” by Yoke Lore

Freshman Matthew Schoos: “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison

What movie was so wildly successful that the term ‘Blockbuster’ was coined? (Jaws)

Joana: It was Jaws I think. 

Ryan: I think it was Jaws?

Angelie: Ghostbusters

Matthew: Jaws

‘Fumage’ is a popular, if lesser known, art form. What does it entail? (Art that uses smoke to create an airy and fluid visual.)

Joana: Umm… something related to a fume ? I don’t know.

Ryan: It’s like some kind of painting that involves air, I don’t remember specifics.

Angelie: the smoky looking art.

Matthew: Smoke from lighted candle.

Who plays Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds? (Matthew Gray Gubler. My baby.)

Joana: Matthew Gray Gubler *heart eyes*

Ryan: Arijit Goshal

Angelie: Matthew Gray Gubler I think.

Matthew: Matthew Gray Gubler.

Finish this quote from author George Orwell in his compelling novel Animal Farm: “All men are enemies. All animals are ___.” (comrades)

Joana: ughhh. I forgot but I read this my sophomore year and it was something like a companion.

Ryan: comrades

Angelie: comrades

Matthew: …all animals are comrades

Which one of the following isn’t a real band? Fishbone, The Mother Hips, The Soft Boys, Echo & The Boogeyman (Echo & The Boogeyman)

Joana: I’d say The Boogeyman because I know it as a mythical / scary creature.

Ryan: The Soft Boys? I feel like all of these could be real

Angelie: I’m just gonna pick a random one…The Soft Boys

Matthew: I think Echo & The Boogeyman is not a real band.