Soul: The Meaning of Life

By Sophia Christensen

On December 25, 2020, Disney Pixar released a touching and inspiring movie, Soul. The film is filled with humor, wisdom, passion, and purpose. Soul received well-deserved exceptional ratings and positive reviews around the world, and for good reason too.

The main character, Joe Gardner, is a smart, passionate, and earnest human that anyone can relate to. He has a true talent and passion for jazz, especially playing the piano. Along his journey, he meets 22, who is a precocious, moody, and sarcastic soul. They work together in order to fulfill their life’s purpose on Earth, which they have been told is success and talent. However, they come to the realization of life’s true meaning as well as their actual purpose in life. The inspiring message of the movie is about how to appreciate yourself and find happiness in all the little moments of life. Soul emphasizes the idea of passion and to never hold yourself back, but more so to not let minor or egotistical worries fully control you and your life. The true gift of life is not all about talent or winning, it’s about perseverance, compassion, and finding the little things that bring us joy, love, and happiness. The movie essentially emphasizes the idea that we do not live because there is something we need to do or fulfill but live because we have the special opportunity to just be.  Soul shows viewers that life is not determined by failure or success, but each moment we live which gives life purpose and meaning.