Biden’s Executive Orders

Nick Murray

With the exit of Donald Trump from the White House and the arrival of President Biden, the nation experienced a unified sigh of relief. However, Biden’s presence in the white house will not in and of itself improve anything. Quickly getting to work, Biden reversed a multitude of Trump era policies through a flurry of executive orders aimed to fix many of America’s most pressing issues. 

Contrary to the concerns of many progressives, Biden quickly implemented many progressive ideas in executive actions as well. As of January 25, President Biden had issued 33 executive orders primarily addressing Covid-19, the environment, immigration reform, and the economy. Of said 33 executive orders, 17 were signed on the President’s first day in office. 

President Biden halted Trump’s infamous border wall and ended the travel ban from seven Muslim-Majority countries. Likewise, President Biden issued executive actions requiring undocumented immigrants to be counted in the United States Census. Biden canceled the keystone XL pipeline as well as over 100 other reversals on Trump era environmental policy and rejoined the Paris Climate Accord. Finally, Biden extended student loan and renter protections. Another effect of Biden’s presidency is the return of Dr. Anthony Fauci to the government Covid-19 effort and several executive orders imposing Covid-19 regulations across the country including masks and social distancing in all Federal jurisdictions. 

Of course, not all American’s are happy with President Biden’s actions as many Trump supporters refuse to accept Biden’s legitimacy as president. Likewise, conspiracy theories perpetuated by Trump led to massive spikes in Covid-19 cases across the country, hence the need for Biden’s Covid-19  regulations. Ultimately, while Trump supporters promote hate and bigotry, Biden has worked to spread a message of unity and equality through the country with his list of executive orders.