The Progression of the NBA Season

By Barry Hirshfeld

Nearly a month into the 2020-2021 NBA season, it is evident that the league must change their health protocols relating to the Covid-19 virus for the health benefit of its players and employees. In this short period of time, several teams (including the Grizzlies, Pelicans,  Spurs, Wizards, etc…), have experienced postponement of multiple games due to the presence of Covid-19 within their system. The lack of social restrictions appointed to the NBA players provides them with the freedom to do as they please, opening up many new opportunities for them to contract the virus, and bring the NBA season to a much needed halt. Furthermore, the NBA’s constant testing has proven ineffective after multiple players, such as Seth Curry, have entered games whilst possessing the virus, potentially exposing their team, the opposing teams, and all of the fans in attendance to Covid-19.

Although the integration of the NBA season into society during the pandemic has proven very fiscally beneficial for the league and its investors, the health and well-being of its players and employees must be taken into consideration. The rapid spread of the virus leaves the NBA with two plausible options which will promote the well-being of its players: pausing the season until the Covid-19 vaccines are commercialized and provided to every NBA player and employee, or creating regional bubbles which possess critical health protocols, guaranteeing that the players and employees remain safe. If radical actions are not taken to ensure the remainder of the season, it will most likely come to an abrupt stop, temporarily terminating an enjoyable pastime which provides many people with needed entertainment during the current period of an indefinitely extended quarantine.