Valentine’s Day Present Ideas

By Olivia Pocat

Valentine’s day is an important day for couples and friends. Lovers everywhere share special, heartwarming gifts with each other and friends give each other presents to share special memories. Here are some memorable and classic presents that will come in clutch for a perfect Valentine’s day.

  1. A box of chocolates. This classic valentine’s gift is perfect and yummy.
  2. Candy. A sweet treat that works as a perfect gift. 
  3. Jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are excellent gifts for a s/o or even a friend. 
  4. Flowers. Another classic gift which shows affection and smells really good!
  5. A life-sized teddy bear. A cuddly present that anyone would love to get.
  6. A card. Written with a cute message, this gift is simple but effective.
  7. Valentine cards. A major throwback to elementary school, valentines cards with candy or a sticker are the cutest present.
  8. Blankets. Another cozy gift that proves to be perfect.
  9. Chapstick or lipstick. These are always a good, cheap gift. 
  10. Cookies or baked goods. Another yummy treat.
  11. A picnic. A special date with delicious food (following Covid guidelines of course).
  12. Matching mugs. Perfect for enjoying some hot chocolate.
  13. Bath bombs. A perfect gift for a relaxing night.
  14. Candles. These set the mood and make any room smell amazing. 
  15. A gift basket. Combine any of these gifts to create a cute basket which you can give to family, friends, and loved ones.