Stuff You Should Know: An Immaculate Podcast

By Cassie Kim

Stuff You Should Know, an auditory encyclopedia of random facts, is the best podcast I have ever listened to. Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, working with How Stuff Works, share well researched information with humor and personal anecdotes. While some critics claim that they can be too off-topic, I disagree. The meandering nature of the show actually enhances the quality of the podcast in my opinion, making it more conversational. They offer regular length podcasts, which are often upwards of 50 minutes, but they also offer “Short Stuff”: episodes that are less than 20 minutes long, perfect for a short car ride or a walk. All of their podcasts are entertaining and refreshing; they are perfect to listen to as you work on homework or as you get ready for bed. They consistently release new podcasts, something that other podcasts like Radiolab fail to do. Their expansive library with both serious and lighthearted podcasts will leave you with tidbits of random knowledge, but more importantly, they will expand your understanding of the world and the things around you. Give Stuff You Should Know a listen today!