Lizzo: A True Fashion Icon & Influence

By Larena Tannert

Everyone has heard of Lizzo and her chart topping song “Truth Hurts,” but Lizzo is more than just a music artist, she is a powerful influence and strong fashion icon. At every music event or awards show that she attends, Lizzo consistently surprises everyone with her flawless and stunning outfits. Some of her finest outfits were a strapless blue sequin gown, a sleeveless white Versace gown, a orange ruffled Valentino dress, and a hot pink feathered Marc Jacobs dress. Her most influential outfit was her black and white vote dress, which was worn at the Billboard Music Awards. She delivered a speech encouraging her fans to vote. With her powerful presence and positivity it is no surprise that Lizzo has won numerous awards for both her fashion and music. Lizzo has always been well known for her body positivity, and she regularly uses social media to promote ideas of self love and confidence. She shows young women all around the world that they should be themselves and never let anyone else bring them down. For years, Lizzo has been taking part in campaigns for body positivity, and has given numerous speeches influencing  young women to be proud of who they are. Besides advocating for young girls and their bodies, Lizzo is a strong fighter for racial equality. During the BLM protests that happened in June, Lizzo encouraged her fans to use their voices to promote change. Overall, Lizzo is a powerful icon in the music industry impacting the lives of millions of young women of all ethnicities and sizes.