Covid Friendly Date Ideas

By Elizabeth Flatley 

The season of love slowly approaches, you may think about your special someone and want to surprise them with a fun surprise or date. Even though our current orders are to stay at home and in place, there are still many things you could do while social distancing. If the COVID orders get better then there are even more social distanced activities for outside as well. Keep an eye on the Santa Clara county website for more information and instructions as our year of 2021 progresses on the County Covid website.

  1. Watch Netflix or Disney+ using Teleparty

A super nice and fun way to spend an evening with someone could be watching a movie, in sync with your significant other. Teleparty is a small extension, previously known as Netflix Party, that has spread across many different viewing platforms. What has gotten many through quarantine has been the entertainment businesses attempts at pleasing viewers with their never ending amounts of movies they have produced. Some of the best movies on Netflix for Valentine’s Day are: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Always Be My Maybe, About Time, Irreplaceable You, The Kissing Booth, Our Souls at Night, Easy A, and 50 First Dates. Teleparty also streams on Disney + and Hulu which have an abundance of romantic movies and TV shows for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Make an “old fashioned” phone call

Facetimes can be totally stressful while you are constantly trying to find the perfect angle and give a more static experience. Not having to care about your physical appearance and just talking to someone else gives you a chance to be you without worrying if you look awkward or worrying about showing your full face while lying in bed. Sometimes just calling someone can be just as fun as any facetime. 

  1. Send Letters

Writing letters connects people in a different way than texting, direct messaging, or snapping people. Letters tend to have more meaning behind them. When writing and taking the time to write letters, more thought is put into what you write! You can keep letters forever and cherish them for a long time. Make sure you write everything that you need, and include the sticker in the top right corner.

  1. Picnic

Make sure you both get tested and don’t show any symptoms if you decide to have a 6 foot apart picnic! Bring some snacks or fruit, a cake or sandwiches, and some drinks to share and talk! A picnic can be a great way to get to know someone, and be outside in the beautiful weather that we have in California.