Can I Just Fly?

By Will Louderback

 The sand and dust swirl from the light breeze

Gusts shake the branches

Of the peach tree I stand beside,

Its branches creak in the wind.

Leaning on the dry wood fence,

Sagging and collapsed over years of silence.

In my head, the silence has left me.

Arguing with myself, why can’t I agree

With the person I should understand the most?

 I should really just keep it secret.

Lock it up, avoid the trouble,

No need to drag him down with me.

Can I just leave this world behind?

Can I just try to fly away?

I know this love isn’t wrong,

But that doesn’t change belief.

Your parents wouldn’t care

As long as you were safe.

But why take a chance?

If it comes down to someone else?

Wish my fear could disappear.

Should I risk my self-esteem?

Or just keep this to a dream?

Keep the fire inside

So it only burns me.

The tiger on my T-shirt stands in silence

Fighting his own internal battle.

Some other czar ruling his mind

I should go home,

Before it starts to rain.