Battle of the Mountains and Seas

By Ava Garcia

The lightning was ​persisting​,

The ​storm​, its right-hand man, never ​resisting

Thunder​ was ​tired​ of being ​ignored

So with a clash, ​roar,​and a ​rumble​, it ​fired​ up its ​fighting​ chord

The ​oceans

South and North, ​bickered​about their different notions

The forest was making its mark

For the ​fireflies​​shone​way too brightly in the dark

The ​birds​became ​faster​ than light

Building up quite a ​fight

Like the ​echo​ of a child

Everything became seemingly​wild

Beauty ​battles​bravely, but ​barbarously

So with a ​kiss​hello, welcome The ​Fight​ of the Planet