Where the Mustard Grows in the Morning

By Makenna Adams

Where the Mustard grows in the Morning

Is a place I know

And love

On the mustard plants adorning:

You’ll find silky butter blossoms

And long, viridescent stems


The flowers bloom

From feb to june

A welcome welcome mat

For the mountains above

“There’s gold in them thar hills!”


Well, of course.

Mustard gold. 

Nature’s source.

Some spring days

I’m afraid you’d fear

Take a trip into the mustard fields

 you’d never reappear

Expunged from the earth

To a place of rebirth

Where you can dance and sing


in the mustard fields

How sweet

To meet

And greet 

The mustard fields

 their gilted song so warming

But remember 

when you see the mustard fields

Consider this a warning 

Shining in the morning sun

Their beckoning

so calming

Remember where the mustard grows

In the fields 

In the morning