Taco Bout Teaching: Señor Narva

By Makenna Adams

Name: Andrew Narva

Subjects: Spanish 1, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AVID 1 & 2

Years at Westmont: 8

Birthplace: San José, CA

High School: Archbishop Mitty 

College: University of Redlands/UC Santa Cruz

What makes Westmont great? Mrs. Martwick

What do you enjoy about teaching? Everything. 

Describe the perfect meal: Spicy.

What are your favorite artists?  Funkadelic, Black Sabbath, the Doors, Enanitos Verdes, Hector Lavoe.

What is your favorite unit/concept/standard that you teach and why? Spanish 2, Unit 4.  We study the two past tenses by reading creation myths of various indigenous groups from Latin America.

What do you like to do in your free time? Free time?  What’s that???  I’ve got a toddler to chase after and a million emails to read.

Finish the sentence: I am happiest when…I hear my daughter’s laughter.  A close second would be when a new season of Great British Baking Show is released.