New Staff: Carolina Pizano

By Makenna Adams

Where did you go to College? I attended San Jose State for both my undergrad and graduate school.

Where did you go to High School? I attended Madera High School in Madera, CA– a very small agricultural town in the heart of CA.

Place of Birth: I was born in Jalisco, Mexico

Years in Education: 15 years in education

Pet peeves: Tardiness, I prefer to be an hour early to an appointment than to be 5 minutes late.

Heroes: My mom. She’s an incredibly strong and resilient woman who raised 4 children as a single mother.

What’s your favorite song? “Like a Stone” – by Audio Slave

Who was your most influential teacher and why? Dr Julia Curry Rodriguez. She was a professor I had in undergrad school and pushed me when I didn’t think I was capable. She continues to be my mentor today.

What’s your favorite meal? I love pasta.

The ideal vacation is… A mix of leisure days on the beach and visits to museums/historical sites!

A student needs… to ask for help when needed!

A teacher is someone… who dedicates their life to helping others.