Healthy Habits

By Larena Tannert

Throughout quarantine and Covid everyone has been a little lazy, and as gyms have been closed and sports have been put on hold we all have become unhealthy and inactive. Fitness and health are important aspects of our daily routine that have become neglected, so I would like to offer 5 quick and easy tips to help you get back into shape. I highly recommend trying these, and I promise even if you do not realize it, doing these 5 easy things will improve your brain function, your happiness, and your body.

  1. Cut down on sugar: I know it seems obvious, and I am not saying to entirely stop eating sugar, but try to limit how much sugar you are consuming in a day. One less soda, or one less piece of your leftover Halloween candy will help decrease belly fat, decrease acne,  and overall benefit your body and your health.
  2. Get up and go outside: With distance learning we are all spending the whole day staring at a computer screen, and as soon as class ends we are on our phones. Taking just an hour of your day to get up, go outside and experience the fresh air to help your concentration and your overall happiness. It’s as easy as taking a walk, or playing some basketball with a friend.
  3. Go to sleep earlier: Sleep is so important for our bodies, and if we neglect that it can have long term effects on our relationships, our grades and our whole lifestyles in general. Sleep does obvious things for our brains such as reducing stress and improving our moods, and it helps us excel at school. If you have been feeling moody, fatigue or sick lately (maybe get tested for Covid), try getting some more sleep to heal your body.
  4. Exercise: I’m not saying go spend two or three hours working out, but try spending around an hour every day doing some form of exercise. You could go for a run around your neighborhood, or find a youtube video and do it from your own bedroom. Exercise does not just keep your body in shape, but it keeps your mind awake and active. Exercise has endless benefits on your mind and body, and if you would like to further find out how you can get into shape, or see some more of the benefits exercise has, just use Google!
  5. Be socially active: Spending the day locked in your room playing video games does not count as being social. Stalking people on Instagram is not being social. This tip is meant to encourage you to set up a time (once a week, or once a day) to FaceTime or Zoom with some friends. Please do not go throw some big party at this time, but seeing one or two friends will be extremely helpful for your mood and your health.