Makenn’ a Difference: Backing Businesses

By Makenna Adams

As we transition into colder months and Covid cases resurge, safety mandates force business to shut down once more. Stimulating our local community is just as important now as it was several months ago. Yet, as winter grows nearer, so does the likelihood of contracting any infectious disease; history has proven that when people stay indoors because cold weather prevents us from doing otherwise, it is always easier to get sick. Staying safe and supporting local businesses is not an impossible feat, however. Please read on for reminders of safe ways to back local business. 

  1. Support a local restaurant by ordering from their delivery or pick-up menu. Go one step further by choosing specialty items that allow restaurants to make efficient use of their ingredients. Simple, but effective. Who doesn’t love good food?
  2. Look into the ways in which you can help specialty stores, like florists or bookstores, by visiting their website. Most small businesses have already outlined on their websites ways you can support them. For example, the Recycle Book Store, which has operated for the past 50 years in downtown Campbell, needs help financially. If you are able to, you can donate to their GoFundMe, purchase a gift certificate for credit on future purchases, or continue to donate books. Learn more here:
  3. If you go into a storefront, please consider giving service workers a tip larger than maybe you usually would. For many service workers, tips are their biggest source of income at the moment, and they need your generosity perhaps more than anyone right now. 
  4. On social media, shout out a local company that could use a little extra love. You can post delivery menus of your favorite restaurant or the opening hours of your favorite shop. 
  5. Give your attention to seasonal shops and services that have enacted Covid-safe policies. Purchasing goods at socially-distanced holiday craft fairs, for example, allows you to support local artisans that have struggled from event cancellations throughout 2020.